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Becoming Vendor

Welcome to our comprehensive tutorial on how to apply and become a vendor / seller on our exceptional platform! Our platform offers an incredible opportunity to showcase your products or services to a vast audience, helping you grow your business and reach new heights.

  1. In your account page, click on BECOME A VENDOR to start.
  1. Fill in the details for your online store.
  2. Make sure you read and agree the platform’s terms and conditions.
  3. Click on Become a Vendor.
  1. Here you’ll reach the setup wizard for your online store.
  2. Click Let’s Go! to continue setup, or click Not right now to setup later.
  1. Fill in the basic details for your online store.
  1. For the Payment Setup, you may click on Skip this step to proceed to the next step.

    (As currently all vendors / sellers will be receiving the payments through online banking upon withdrawal.)
  1. All done! The store setup is finish. Click on Go to your Store Dashboard! to proceed to your dashboard.
  1. Once you have registered account as a vendor, you will be asked to complete the vendor registration steps.
  2. Click Proceed to continue.
  1. Please follow the steps to complete your registration.
  2. First, you are required to top up security deposit of RM50 in order to proceed to next step.
  3. Click RM50 to top up RM50 instantly or any custom amount through our secure payment gateway.

Security deposit is required in order to join as a merchant / vendor.

This security deposit will only be deducted if the item being sent to customer is a faulty / spoiled item.

Deposit will NOT be deducted if the item is spoiled due to natural disasters or by courier company during shipping process.

Such cases being reported by customer will be handled by platform and platform will evaluate before proceeding to any deduction of deposit. If necessary, platform might seek discussion with merchant / vendor.

  1. If you encounter this popup, click Continue to proceed to next registration step.
  2. Tick Don’t ask me again if you do not wish to see the pop up again.
  1. Step Two is to upload at least 10 products into FashionCENT.
  2. Click Add Product to proceed to the product management dashboard.
  3. To learn more about how to create product in vendor dashboard, Click Here.
    Feel free to contact us if you have any difficulties in uploading your products, we are here to help.
  4. After uploading the products, your products will go through reviewing process by FashionCENT. Your products will automatically be published after review.
  1. Finally, your application will be reviewed by FashionCENT. You can always check your application status here.
  1. While waiting for review, you may continue to setup your store with more details, this will help us to speed up your account reviewing and approval process if we have more details about you and your business.
  2. Proceed to Settings > Store.
  3. Fill in your store details here especially Store Name, Address and Phone No.
  4. Click Update Settings.
  1. You are able to check on your application status anytime by proceeding to My account > Dashboard > View Reward Progress.
  1. Lastly, you will see this screen if all steps are completed and your application is approved.
  2. You will be notified on the status update.
  3. Stay tune for more premium benefits for vendors (you)!
  4. You may continue to manage your online store by proceeding to My account > Go to Vendor Dashboard.
  1. This is the end of this tutorial. Happy Selling!
  2. To learn more about how to schedule shipment in vendor dashboard, Click Here.
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